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Not sure whether it's a Windows issue, a controller issue (Dual Shock) or a series of game-breaking bugs, but the game has become unplayable. Twice I had to start again because the car became uncontrollable and just dropped from the window. And when I finally made it to the river, the avatar began to run in narrow circles and the camera rotated wildly, and none of that could be stopped--except when I put the camera right on top of the avatar. That allowed me to get the boat into the water, hoping the change of scenery would then fix the rotating avatar/camera, but now the boat kept rotating,and that was that. I reinstalled the game, tried again, and it was the same thing--the avatar again began to run in circles at the river, and the camera rotated wildly. Now I give up.

One of the most visually stunning- and clever games I've played in a while! A really satisfying way to play through a 'graphic novel' style story. The colors, and bold graphics give the game a very unique illustrative look and feel!

I did run into a game-breaking bug at the very end- but I want to make it clear to any prospective players that is absolutly still a game worth playing! The apartment section is  charming, and the car segment features some truly INSPIRED transitions.  

As soon as I enter the forest, my car was flipped half way and bumped into a tree.

It came back as normal orientation, but it seems like the car doesn't move properly anymore.

What do I do? Is there any reset button for each scene?

I'm sorry, for the bug. The game has little bug and I don't have the time to fix it.

Beautiful art style. Very relaxing. It reminds me of kayaking near Luberon.

Very unusual game. Cool gameplay.Life story))))

Thanks for the video !!

looks like made on Unity, but i can't run it at all because there is no GNU/Linux or MacOS-X version released here... :( 

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Sorry, my shader didn't works on mac. I don't know why?


Well, what a fantastic little project. I enoyed playing this game immensley and is definitely one of my favourite works todate. Good Luck Devs.

Regard and all the best


I loved it! Really interesting concept!

Thanks a lot !!! 

Lovely ! I really like the use of frames with different angles like comics. Plus the colors and overall art is very pretty. the music goes well with the art.  

But i didn't use a controller, so sometimes I must say, the kayaking felt as hard as real kayaking. Can't say I was being very relax about it XD

Bravo anyway, that is a very sweet little experience !  

Thanks a lot. I glad you like my game and managed to finish it.

Thank you for your feedbacks. 

This game looks really beautiful and relaxing! Where can I download the game? :)

the game is ready to download !!