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This was so relaxing and cool! Honestly, so simple in both concept and execution that you are kind of forced to like it.


A very entertaining experience, and a lot like a real day on the slopes! I spent too long in the restaurant and missed the last lift to the top (-:


When i open the game it does the credits then just sits at a black screen. help plz

same problem even after 3 years, on linux system

Really medative and tremendous gameplay, but it's so hard to find the "right" place to ski, you should make a special track and lead player to this track :)

There are multiple ski runs to follow - just look out for the orange posts (mostly under the lifts)

I've only seen the trailer and you have made me go back when I was a child. Wow.

A very peaceful and calm game with an  absolutely stunning environment and music that's so soothing that you want to keep playing and exploring. Honestly was fun to play and take in the serene environment and peaceful surroundings. It was a really calming game, and it was refreshing that it was; because it stands out as it is a slow paced game that one has to sit back, relax and take in. So yeah, it was a really great game and I immensely enjoyed playing it. (Sorry my video does not do this game justice.) The mirror in the car was great attention to detail, and the snow. The snow was amazing; the way it retains where you walked. I only noticed it towards the end of the video and was so fascinated by it. You've put a lot of love and time into this game and it's evident. (Also, there is a small 'glitch' towards the start where the player can jump out of the main map... Found that out by accident.) But yeah, really great game and you've done a really good job on it. Good luck for future projects and take care!!
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Absolutely loved it and rated it! Amazing work! I especially like the driving to the ski run because it sets the atmosphere, and it's uphill unlike the usual flat roads. Great work!

Your game starts at 10:45

I downloaded the Mac version but couldn't launch the game.
Is this game not compatible with OS catalina?
I hope I can play someday!

I'm sorry i didn't know. I will try to find a solution !!

There are a few bugs and things I would recommend.

The main thing is the rendering quality - why is everything so blurry? I am sure that performance is not a reason for this low rendering quality.

One bug I have found is that collisions are missing some places. For example you can walk through the person and the shelves of skis in the ski rental area.


Thanks !

after the starting text the screen stayed black and music played what's wrong?

This sound like the same or a similar problem like I got: After the developer logo I heard ambient noises, but the screen just stayed black. In the Player.log file I could see the following lines:

WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Hidden/Nature/Terrain/Utilities' - All passes removed
ERROR: Shader Shader is not supported on this GPU (none of subshaders/fallbacks are suitable)WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Hidden/Nature/Terrain/Utilities' - Setting to default shader.
Just starting the game with the parameter


made the game work perfectly fine for me (minus a few pink areas towards the end of the last slope which I think shouldn't have been there), even though the error messages were still there.

(Linux version, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER, latest proprietary driver)

Sorry,  Thanks for the reply. I  will try to fix it !! 

I don't ski. I don't even like winter sports. But for some reason this game immediately drew my attention.

I love the art style and soothing atmosphere. I also love the little touches - the tracks you leave in the snow and how you can actually see time pass by looking at the clocks.

Great work, keep it up!

At first i was disapointed that i couldn't turn the car around and go where i really wanted, and then learning that my car was totally indestructible made me feel safe, but not as ease. that all went away when i noticed that my car had a lovely rearview mirror.

Lovely game, i love the ambience!

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I love this. The atmosphere is fantastic, the sounds are so on point. I have one question though: is there any way to prevent the, uuh, special ending from happening? I can't seem to avoid it in the 3 times I tried, and I'm curious about the normal finale of the game. Should I just avoid that slope?

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Thanks for your comments ! Yes for the normal end, you just need to avoid that slope ! =) 

Budget doesn't include sandwiches! Love the idea of lowpoly sky sim! Very relaxing


Thanks! You probably missed the restaurant. They make a very good steak frites !! 

I really like the aesthetic and the music reminds me of Hiroshi Yoshimura. Unfortunately it doesn't run that well on my computer once in the skiing section (unless looking straight down)

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Thanks, do you test the low quality? For the skiing section i don't see the problem with the camera ?? I'm glad you like the esthetic. 

Yes I played on low quality. low resolution helped a bit. I mean the fps is 60 when looking down at the floor but not when looking normally.  maybe to do with view distance.

Cool vibes!


We had some performance issues on the main menu and first 30 seconds after... beyond that the game ran well! We did have some weird glitch where the camera kept drifting off to the side and down by itself. We never got the the "end" because we're bad. ๐Ÿ˜ข It was definitely an experience. ๐Ÿฅฐ

Thanks for the video! I'm sorry for the bugs, your are the first that tell me that??

Trailer looks great.

thanks =)


This game looks super cool, any chance you could export a Linux executable (assuming this is Unity)? Thanks!

Thanks, I upload a linux version !!

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Beautiful! Was looking forward to this for a long time!

The game works really slow on my PC tho, didn't expect for something that's PS1 quality. Wasn't sure if that was intended or not. And there's only the "medium" option - lol.

I noticed that you deform the snow.  Not many people would notice that tbh. Terrain modification every frame I presume?  Could that be the culprit for bad performance? Would be nice to have it as an option to turn it off (or whatever else is making it really slow).

Another thing I'd love is free look while riding on the ski lift, I always enjoy looking around while chilling on the lift irl. The ski lift sounds are on point!

Thanks for playing my game,  it's a good idea to have the snow as an option.
really need to add free look on the ski lift !

Really like the vibe of this. Is there an end goal? Also, would be nice if you could move your head to look around (on the chairlifts especially). 


Thanks a lot, yes there is an end. The ski resorts close at 6pm !!